Eazy GRP Water Tanks

Pipeco Group introduces a new design and manufacturing product into the industry, we call it Eazy GRP Water Tanks, because of easy to use . and we are the best water tank supplier in Dubai.

Our Tanks Contain a special feature :
Excellent Insulation, Easy to clean & Excellent hygienic, Excellent durability, Competitive Price, Easy & quick to install, Structure of Non-Skid base.

Excellent Heat Insulation

Insulated panel with 4 layers structured & using Eco-friendly Polyurethane heat insulating material ensure the excellent insulating effect

Easy to clean & Excellent hygienic

Because of the wide manhole, it is easy to clean the inside of the water tank & it has excellent hygienic & water tightness.

Easy to clean & Excellent hygienic

It secures excellent surface strength & durability by using high – a temperature & high-pressure press machine (2,500 Ton)

Competitive Price

Excellent price competitiveness & High-quality Water tank with no Tie-rod type.

Easy & quick to install

It is easy and quick to install with easy assembly of upper & lower panels.

Structure of Non-Skid base

Excellent Earthquake – resistance without concrete frame & skid base.

Types Of Eazy GRP Tanks

ENM (GRP) 1㎥ TYPE (5㎡)
ENM (GRP) 2㎥ TYPE (8㎡)
ENM (GRP) 3㎥ TYPE (10㎡)
ENM (GRP) 4㎥ TYPE (13.5㎡)
ENM (GRP) 5㎥ TYPE (14㎡)
ENM (GRP) 6㎥ TYPE (17㎡)