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Bolted Zinc Aluminum Steel Tanks Rwanda

A zinc aluminum steel water tank is a corrosion-resistant water storage unit composed of a combination of zinc, aluminum, and steel. The zinc and aluminum elements create a protective layer, preventing rust and corrosion on the steel surface when exposed to water and environmental conditions. This combination results in a durable, lightweight tank with enhanced resistance to the elements, making it suitable for storing potable water and various industrial liquids. The synergy of these materials ensures structural integrity and a prolonged lifespan for the tank.

A zinc aluminum steel water tank is a corrosion-resistant and durable solution for water storage. Its versatile design, combining the strength of steel with the lightweight properties of aluminum, makes it suitable for various applications. The tank’s structural integrity, low maintenance requirements, and adaptability underscore its reliability as an efficient water storage option.

Fire-fighting tanks require horizontal centrifugal pumps, with the pump center line not exceeding 2 meters above the suction tank’s low water level, and a minimum of two-thirds of the tank’s effective capacity positioned above the pump center line for optimal performance and safety compliance.

Industrial : Food, Beverage, Pharma, Automobile, Engineering, Textile, Electronics, OEM’s etc… All the industries need a constant supply of water for different applications like Fire, Process, Domestic, Drinking, DM Water and Many more applications.

Commercial & Agricultural : It is unthinkable that we can get along today without a constant supply of water in our daily lives. We do not only need water only for human survival but also for Agriculture & Commercial use.

Wastewater treatment is crucial for water grid reintroduction and processing reuse, given escalating costs and stringent contamination regulations. Clients in municipal water treatment, mining, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors prioritize effective solutions to address these challenges.

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