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Cylindrical Water Tanks

Pipeco Leading Supplier of Cylindrical Water Tanks in Africa. offers an ideal quality Water Tank utilizing GRP that is erosion safe, sealed and has simple upkeep. Our Products are Designed and Manufactured Under BS 4994 STD. These GRP Water tanks are made by the HAND LAY UP cycle. It is accessible in even and vertical sort round and hollow or rectangular fit as a fiddle. Our broad experience causes us to meet the modern and business requests with our quality scope of GRP Cylindrical tanks.

These are ideal for the capacity of consumable water/Treated Water/Sweet Water. We offer Horizontal tanks of Capacities accessible from 1000 USG to 20000 USG for Above & Under Ground. Meanwhile for Verticle tanks of Capacities accessible from 1000 USG to 10000 USG…

We supply and introduce to global norms and have broad involvement with assembling the GRP tube-shaped water tank meeting the most requesting conditions. Our GRP Water Tank gives customers the best fulfillment from elite quality level confirmations

  • Cylindrical water tanks combine structural integrity for durability with versatile applications across residential, agricultural, and industrial sectors, ensuring efficient and adaptable water storage solutions. Their design emphasizes stability, allowing them to withstand diverse environmental conditions.
  • Cylindrical tanks feature a space-saving design for efficient utilization in installations where optimizing available space is crucial, with an easy installation process for straightforward integration into diverse settings.
  • Cylindrical tanks offer cost-effectiveness, with efficient material use and ease of manufacturing, providing a practical and economical solution for water storage needs compared to alternative shapes.
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